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Stacey L. MacKinnon, formerly Nairn

Stacey L. MacKinnon, formerly Nairn

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My current research interests focus on both implicit and explicit social and relationship cognition. More specifically, I am examining the perception, interpretation, and responses to relational transgressions, including issues of trust, risk, forgiveness, revenge, and relationship dissolution. I am also interested in improving undergraduate education and teaching. Although my focus is primarily quantitative, I also incorporate more qualitative methodologies such as semi-structured interviews and grounded theory analysis into my research as well.

Research Awards, Honours, and Grants:

University of Prince Edward Island New Scholar Resarch Grant (2006); University of Prince Edward Island Discretionary Research Grant (2005); University of Prince Edward Island Research Start Up Grant (2005); University of Calgary Dissertation Research Grant (2002); New Scholar Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Contribution to Relationship Research presented by the International Network on Personal Relationships (2001); Canadian Psychological Association Brendan Gail Rule Award for Outstanding Student Social Psychology Research (1998)

Teaching Awards, Honours, and Grants:

Nominated for the University of Prince Edward Island Hessian Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006); Nominated for the University of Prince Edward Island Faculty of the Year Award (2005); University of Prince Edward Island Senate Committee on the Enhancement of Teaching Instructional Development Grant (2005); Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award, presented by the University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies (2003); Department of Psychology Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence (1999)

Primary Interests:

  • Aggression, Conflict, Peace
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Close Relationships
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Motivation, Goal Setting
  • Person Perception
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Nairn, S. L., Ellard, J. H., Scialfa, C. T., & Simms, C. D. (2003). At the core of introductory psychology: A content analysis. Canadian Psychology, 44(2), 93-99. [Funded by the Province of Alberta Learning Enhancement Envelope.]

Other Publications:

  • Boon, S. D., & Nairn, S. L. (2003). Forgiveness. In J. J. Ponzetti, R. R. Hamon, Y. Kellar-Guenther, T. L. Scales, P. K. Kerig, & J. M. White (Eds), International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family Relationships. New York: MacMillan.
  • Nairn, S. L. (in press). Complementarity of relationship partners. In R. Baumeister, & K. Vohs (Eds), Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. New York: Sage Publications.
  • Nairn, S. L. (2005). Making the shift without giving yourself the shaft: Lessons learned in the transition from student to new professional. Relationship Research News, 4(1), 20-22.

Courses Taught:

  • Experimental Social Psychology: Advanced Reseach Methods
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Social Psychology
  • Social Psychology of Good and Evil

Stacey L. MacKinnon, formerly Nairn
Department of Psychology
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A4P3

  • Phone: (902) 566-0402

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